One of the most misinterpreted words that people throw around in 2016 is ‘stability’.

Let me take you back to before the industrial revolution started, where your last name would determine where you worked and what you did. For example, Mr. Baker was obviously a Baker and Mr. Smith was a Black Smith, every single person used to function as self employed as there was no such thing as employment. Therefore everyone’s stability depended on themselves and as long as they opened up shop everyday they would earn enough money to support their family and ‘put food on the table.’

Then the industrial revolution happened which meant there was a huge opportunity for people to now work for others and gain a “stable wage” as well as family benefits and health care during the factory era.

This type of work/income/stability is still what everyone deems normal when they finish school or uni, but is this line of work actually stable anymore? The times have changed but people’s mentality hasn’t.

It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is now being highlighted across the globe by successful entrepreneurs that after trying this direction have proven it’s in fact more stable than actually working for a company and having a boss.

Having tried both directions I can safely say that working for a company gives you zero control on your stability.
Stability is control.

When you first learn how to ride a bike you use stabilisers, not to make you stable but to give you control over the bike, which then allows you to stabilise that situation, so it’s really the control that you have which gives you the stability.

Working for a boss means you don’t choose your own hours, the management team choose them for you which isn’t in your control, if the company make one wrong financial decision you’re not in control of what happens next, if the company goes into liquidation you’re not in control of that either, this to me sends warning signs regarding the stability of this career.

When people say they have a stable job/career this is very questionable, as they don’t actually own anything, which means they have zero control over their pay and growth.

Once I became self employed it was made clear to me that I could progress my situation at my own rate as fast as I wanted which also matched my income, if I wanted to earn more I would just simply do more, I was finally in total control of my future!

For all you entrepreneurs reading this, you must get obsessed with your ability to control every factor as no one will hit your goals for you and without control your future career isn’t stable.