This is definitely something that has been blown out of proportion within the business world.

What does more money more problems even mean?
Why would anyone want more money if it’s going to bring more problems, it doesn’t make sense.

Although I believe that coming into more money will bring new challenges and test your ability to solve new problems you haven’t faced before it doesn’t mean you have to expect problems.

I’ve recently brought a few more properties to add to my portfolio and it definitely comes with challenges. You’re silly if you think you won’t receive problems you haven’t dealt with before adventuring into new territories, but if it’s something you haven’t done before you’re probably not going to be educated on how to get past that situation.

So why not learn how to get good and deal with new problems so that they don’t become problems anymore?

When I was 1, obviously I couldn’t walk, that was a huge problem and inconvenience for me, but I soon learned how to.

When I was 4 I couldn’t understand certain words or even write properly but again this was something I got good at.

As we get older we tend to lose this drive to overcome problems and make up quotes like ‘more money more problems’

This is only used by people that don’t want to better their situation and overcome their current challenges.

Which brings me to the conclusion that ‘more money more problems’ is not true if you learn how to deal with them!

Don’t be a victim of your own situation, I’ve definitely been faced with huge problems in the past but because I want to consistently get better I got obsessed with figuring out how to deal with it which then allowed me to grow bigger and help educate others that may face these challenges.