Why is the word ‘Commission’ hated and looked down upon so much?

I believe it’s because it’s the unknown, when people don’t know what’s behind the door they, 99% of the time, don’t knock. But what if behind that door there’s a huge amount of cash, a better car, or even better health care? People then go on to call having these things LUCK….

Let me put this in the most simplest of forms, if I asked my girlfriend for a game of chess she’s 100% going to say no, probably call me boring and tell me its stupid. The reason for this is because she doesn’t know the rules of how to play.

This is same for the word ‘Commission’. What’s common about how people look at this word is that they make a judgment based on what everyone else thinks of it.

But what actually is commission?
It’s a reward for an action. The more action the more commission, it is very simple.

“So this means the more action I put in the more rewards I get out?” YES… But then why do so many people look down on this word? I believe it’s because most people aren’t willing to invest into themselves, which is why the action they’re going to put in is unknown. This generates an unstable outcome, ‘The Unknown” which is what a lot of people associate the word commission with.

Now again a lot of people will think that commission is only money, if you apply for a job that says 100% commission I think 98% of people reading this wouldn’t apply (because its too risky) not taking into consideration that the risk is based on their own actions which they control and no one else.

Commission is not only cash its also: your lifestyle, your partner, your health, your attitude and a lot of other things we don’t really think we can control.

If you feel as though your marriage or partnership isn’t going the way you would like it to go then you need to put in more action to reap more rewards, saying “Hi” and a small hug when your partner comes home from work is maybe the reason you are feeling not enough commission is being given in this area. Maybe a nice romantic meal or 2 cinema tickets to surprise your other half with would give you more commission which evidently would help your situation feel more rewarding.

Again let’s look at health, a word a lot of people think they are given, you hear ‘I can’t because of my health’ this again is your commission for not excising, more action = more reward. Try running for 30 minutes, 3 days a week I bet you feel 100% better than you would not running 30 minutes, 3 days a week, again a simple formula more action = more reward.

This can be demonstrated through so many different life situations that a lot of people just think they can’t control.

Well what I’ve always told people is that:

Your situation will never change unless you change it.
If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
You can’t expect something to be different if you’re not changing the action you’re putting in.

Commission is your ability to earn or have what every you want depending on how much action you are willing to put in.

So next time someone brings up the word ‘Commission’ please educate this person and help them to help themselves, no-one likes a victim so let’s believe in our own ability to change something we aren’t happy with today.

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