When it comes to investing most people think you need money to invest.
Well these people are very wrong as, although a gym membership may cost money, it doesn’t cost a single penny to wake up an extra hour before your alarm and take yourself for an early morning jog.

This is the type of investment that pays off the most.

Whereas a lot of people are saving up thousands to invest into property, the stock market, buildings even big companies hoping for a huge return, all of these different investments are very risky and also I think risk is good as it allows us to reach new highs and be in positions we wouldn’t have been in before. It’s still very important to make the right risks in life.

When investing in yourself you’re taking on ZERO risk, because it’s you.

When investing into companies or property a lot of factors come into play that we can’t actually control and our investments can easily go down the pan.

Invest in yourself and you’ll always be a winner.

For example, what’s more important than your health?
Why not just invest 30 minutes extra a day to go on a jog or maybe even of an evening treat yourself to 30 press ups.
Doesn’t seem like a lot but this investment, if disciplined, would increase your worth 1,000,000% !! Nothing bad ever came of exercise, have you ever exercised and felt bad after; of course not!!

Now people may think, ‘So how else could I invest in myself other than a few more daily exercises?’
Well although I believe health to be number 1 priority, money has got to be number 2.

How many people reading this right now, (YES YOU!) invest in themselves every day to help their future?

The career path you choose whether that’s employment or self employment needs to be invested it.
You need to find the answers to help you make the right decisions.

There was a point 4 years ago where anything that said the words commission or self-employed I would have run a mile from. Knowing what I know now from educating myself I would never ever work for someone else and would always choose the commission pay. I’ve educated myself and I no longer think like ‘broke Wassall’ did in the past.
“If I can work 8 hours a day and get paid £10 an hour and hide for 2 hours and take a long lunch for 1 hour and maybe even a few toilets breaks in between I can make £80 for just working only 4.5 hours, how clever of me”
This way of thinking is holding you back from achieving what you really deserve in life!!

So pick up a book and start reading! Educate yourself, it’s never too late! Imagine finding out what you could have done and where you could have been at a later stage of your life?

“You only know, what you know you know”

Go find out about what you didn’t know and use this information to catapult you closer to achieving your goals!

Invest in yourself because no one else will.
For those of you that read this blog and choose not invest I feel disappointed, because it doesn’t mean you lack skill or talent or even motivation it just means you’re being beaten by self doubt!!!

What else is more important than to believe in yourself? Believe in yourself and invest energy, money, commitment, hours, pain, discipline and I promise you’ll hit your goals sooner than you expected.

“Just make sure they’re BIG”