This is definitely something that has been blown out of proportion within the business world. What does more money more problems even mean? Why would anyone want more money if it's going to bring more problems, it doesn't make sense. Although I believe that coming into more money will bring new challenges and test your ability to solve new problems you haven't faced before it doesn't mean you have to expect problems. I've recently brought a few more properties to add to my portfolio and it definitely comes with challenges. You're silly if you think

Why is the word 'Commission' hated and looked down upon so much? I believe it’s because it’s the unknown, when people don’t know what’s behind the door they, 99% of the time, don’t knock. But what if behind that door there’s a huge amount of cash, a better car, or even better health care? People then go on to call having these things LUCK…. Let me put this in the most simplest of forms, if I asked my girlfriend for a game of chess she’s 100% going to say no, probably call me boring and tell me its stupid. The reason for this is because she