In life, every decision we make will be somehow based on what we feel we can get back from it.


Is the gym worth it for me?
What will I get out of it?
Will it make me happier?

Even situations from when we were all very young. I remember having to choose my friends at school- should I hang around with the naughty kids because they’re cool, got away with a lot more and didn’t really do much work? Or should I hang around with the clever kids that would potentially help me with my exams and to be a better person?

In our brains, we very quickly make a decision on how the outcome is going to benefit us or maybe hinder us in the future.

On the other hand, for parents making decisions regarding their kids their brain almost doesn’t let them make that decision, they only get the options of invest… or invest.

Parents will always put their kids first in any situation, not really thinking about whether it’s a good decision or not.

This is why your career as a person is so important!!
You must make it your duty to give back!

I know from memories how much my mum invested into me when I was young! We didn’t really have much money but I needed school uniform and dinner money, sometimes I could tell she didn’t really have the money to invest but somehow she still did. It was never just money but also time and energy. I know as a child I wasn’t the easiest person to look after, perhaps this reflects on how I saw my future? I didn’t want a boss, I like making my own decisions, I think out of the box and really differently to a lot of people which is maybe why I wasn’t interested at school and gave my mum a hard time?

I’m so glad now that I have pulled through and held my end of the bargain, although I never agreed to be a good investment and give back but we don’t have to agree on these situations as this is our parents and for what they give up for us when we’re younger we own them so much!!

Positive investments are what make us happy, feel more motivated about what we have done, build our confidence and normally make us money.

To raise a child now in the UK it will cost an average parent £220,000 from the day they’re born to the day they turn 21.

So please, be a good investment for your parents and chase your dreams, do not settle for what someone else thinks you’ll be good at or for what’s easier to have.

Anything that is gained easily never lasts long! Build something from scratch that you and your friends, and family can benefit from long term!

Anyone can get a 9-5 job but this isn’t going to retire your parents or help them out in the future when they need it.

Be the investment that pays off, you’ll feel amazing I promise!