About Matt Wassall

I’m a super normal guy who grew up with my mum on a council estate in Belgrave, Tamworth. I have always loved sport, but I could never commit to anything for long enough to get great at it. I had worked in numerous jobs in the past: Perfect pizza, a car garage, UPS, brakes and then I found Door2Door!!!
The rest is history as they say and I wouldn’t want to take 3 hours of your time explaining my story but let’s put it this way, I’ve always been the victim…. an “It’s not my fault” type of guy! But all of this changed when I started to really take my ambitions seriously!! I HAD to live up to my full potential and get myself known!
About Matt

After making this decision I went from starting in a Door2Door company getting paid on 100% commission on the sales I made to within 7 months hitting a management position.

But still I wanted more! Yes £52,000 a year was great at that time but there was a problem, M4’s cost £64,000!!!

So I found yet another gear and set up my own sales and marketing company, of course at the start it was a bit rocky but what isn’t?

In my first year of business 99% of people were telling me if I just kept my head above water I’ll have done myself proud and out achieved thousands of people. Along with, in your second year of business you can just aim to break-even that’s an amazing start for your business and you could potentially be on to huge profits in the future. I didn’t understand this opinion/mentality….
So I ignored it.

My first year of business I banked over £70,000 with a gross profit of over £160,000 I also went on to open another company in Reading and expanded a team of 8 people there.

This lead to me being able to offer massive opportunities to average people, just like myself, that just WANT MORE!!

I went on to win a huge business award from one of our clients, ‘Rookie owner of the year’. This meant a lot to me as within 12 months I had changed my life forever. But, again I didn’t stop there, I wanted more!

Let’s fast forward 3 years… I now have an office of over 60 people functioning on our events team, multiple clients that are demanding our services to allow them to grow and I have achieved several awards including:

  • Top Sales Award two years in a row
  • The Presidents Club two years in a row
  • Outstanding achievement award, two years in a row
  • Managing Director of the year
  • Million Dollar turn over
  • Along with buying myself an actual M4.


But I still feel something is missing, so I won’t stop until I find it!!!
My mission now is to help as many people as I possibly can, to get over their fears and to be better than comfortable!!

So don’t be shy, let me help you!!!